Full Arch Implant Rehab in Rush City

Lifelong Results In Just One Appointment

If you've experienced significant tooth loss, decay, or bone loss to a point where a conventional dental implant is not possible, there is another option. We can perform our Full Arch Implant Rehab (FAIR) prosthodontic procedure similar to the All-On-4 treatment that surgically places four implants into the jaw with a full tooth bridge on top. FAIR is a step up from the All-On-4 and provides:

  • Instantaneous results in just one appointment
  • An effective solution for patients with missing teeth or excessive bone loss
  • Immediate improvement to your smile's function with new, natural-looking teeth
  • A lifetime replacement for dentures
  • Restoration of your youthful appearance
  • Long-lasting results
  • Easy, pain-free maintenance

While this procedure sounds advanced and time-consuming, Dr. Nguyen is able to provide lasting results in just one appointment. When dental implants are no longer an option, we can still achieve the best in oral comfort.