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What to Expect with Laser Dentistry in Rush City MN

As the dental techniques advance, your dentist is able to offer more minimally invasive treatment options for various tooth and gum restoration such as laser dentistry in Rush City MN. With laser dentistry, it is now possible to treat cavities and other oral issues without causing intense pain or using traditional dental tools to repair your smile. So how exactly do dental lasers work?

The Process

Laser dentistry is a safe technique that uses extremely focused beams of light to remove or alter small amounts of tissues. This mode of treatment has been used in clinical dental practice since 1989, though it started to become popular in 1994 after FDA approval.

The artificial, amplified light energy released as a laser beam can be used to separate tissue by a process known as thermal ablation. Unlike a scalpel that slices, thermal ablation is an instantaneous process of absorption, melting, and vaporization, which results in tissue decomposition. As the target cells absorb the light energy, the temperature of the tissue rises rapidly, causing those cells to instantly undergo warming, welding, coagulation, protein denaturation, drying, and vapourization through a micro-explosion referred to as spallation.

Common Reasons to Choose Laser Dentistry

The uniqueness of dental lasers is that your dentist is able to treat multiple oral issues with less discomfort for their patients. Common issues treated with laser dentistry in Rush City MN include:

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • To expose teeth that take too long to erupt
  • Laser gum contouring – also known as aesthetic gingival recontouring
  • For lingual and labial frenectomy
  • To remove tissue tags
  • To reduce the severity of pain of ulcers or canker sores

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If you think visiting a laser dentist in Rush City MN can help you improve your oral health, please schedule your appointment today. You will not regret choosing this new innovative type of dentistry technique to repair your smile.