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Root canal treatment, also known as root canal therapy or endodontic therapy, is used to save an infected or damaged tooth and to avoid having to remove it. This becomes necessary when a neglected cavity reaches the pulp at the center of the tooth, causing the pulp to become infected. Symptoms of infected pulp include:

  • Sensitivity to hot, cold, and sweets
  • Sharp pain
  • Throbbing pain
  • Pain when biting or applying pressure to the tooth
  • Bad taste in the mouth

Root Canal

Regular cleanings and checkups can detect and prevent these problems early on.


When a cavity is neglected to the point where the pulp becomes infected, a root canal treatment must be performed. This includes:

  • Cleaning out the infected pulp
  • Disinfecting the canals of the tooth
  • Once resolved, the canal is filled to prevent further infection
  • Crowns are usually recommended to cover and restore the tooth afterwards




RCT Access Through Crown

Access Through Crown

With back teeth, it is always recommended to have a crown placed after the procedure to protect the teeth and ensure successful results.

How can we help?

Preventative care from Soft Dental can help get ahead of any issues that may lead to infected pulp. Otherwise, we do have the technology, knowledge, and experience to perform effective root canal treatments to restore infected teeth and prevent any further issues.

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