Do you really need to see your dentist twice a year?

For decades, it’s been the universal norm to visit your dentist twice a year, but some still fail to see the importance in doing so. Frequently visiting your dentist has a number of benefits toward your short- and long-term oral health and can play a key role in preventing major dental health issues in the future. Here are the primary reasons visiting your dentist twice a year isn’t just a suggestion, but a necessity.

You can’t replace a professional cleaning

Simply put, it’s not possible to match the quality and care of a professional cleaning anywhere outside of a dental office. The equipment and expertise available are far more thorough and effective than any store-bought remedies and will do a much better job of both cleaning your mouth and improving your smile. And the better your smile looks, the better you’ll feel. Its impact on overall mood and confidence is tough to replace. A professional cleaning is also the only way to remove things like set-in stains and hardened plaque from your teeth – both of which can cause longer-term damage if untreated and can lead to more serious conditions like gum disease.

Benefits of a professional cleaning include:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Professional expertise
  • Cleaner mouth and brighter smile
  • Improved morale
  • Removal of set-in stains and hardened plaque
  • Prevention of serious conditions like gum disease

Frequent visits get ahead of larger problems

Going to the dentist twice a year helps prevent the formation of more serious issues that can otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late. Most issues won’t hurt or bother the patient until they become serious, so you need a professional eye to catch the warning signs before that happens. Cavities, for instance, usually take six months to fully form and when noticed can be quickly filled and taken care of before requiring a root canal or worse. It’s easier and less costly to simply maintain proper oral health than it is to correct issues as they arise.

Preventative dentistry saves time and money

Failure to make semi-frequent trips to the dentist can lead to more unpleasant appointments down the road if issues fester and go unresolved. Taking a year or more between visits or only scheduling an appointment when you feel something is wrong ultimately leads to more frequent, lengthy, and costly appointments.

Say, for instance, you hadn’t been to the dentist in 18 months and suddenly found it rather painful to chew on one side of you mouth. This could result in you:

  1. Scheduling an appointment during which several cavities are discovered that will require a root canal or a couple crowns to repair.
  2. Scheduling four or five more expensive and long appointments that could have been avoided simply by scheduling two one-hour appointments per year.

Most insurance companies cover two cleanings per year, which is a big difference from what you’ll pay for more serious procedures.

Save yourself the headache

Making it to the dentist for a routine cleaning every six months will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. It’s smart to stay on top of your oral health and appearance to ensure both are kept shining on a long-term basis.

Soft Dental offers a comprehensive list of services to care for every dental need with trained expertise. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning and save yourself a future headache. We’ll send you on your way worry-free, looking and feeling fresh.

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