7 benefits of dental implants

Missing or damaged teeth can have a negative impact on your life in a number of key ways, and it’s important to find the best way to replace them and restore confidence in your day-to-day livelihood. Dental implants provide an effective long-term solution and deliver a number of benefits that improve everyday life. Here’s a breakdown of what dental implants are, who they’re best-suited for, and the key benefits of this increasingly popular treatment method.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the closest you can get to healthy, natural-looking teeth. They are artificial tooth roots – similar in shape to screws – that are placed in your jawbone and bond with your natural bone. The implants become a base for supporting one or more crowns, with an abutment placed on top of the implant to hold and support said crowns.

Implants have been a successful treatment method for decades, and treatment is only continuing to improve as technology grows and develops. They are the strongest method available for supporting replacement teeth while also helping your smile look and function naturally.

Who needs dental implants?

Dental implants serve as an effective solution for a broad range of patients, as advances in dentistry have made them much more universally available and applicable. Dental implants are ideal for:

  • Anyone with one or more missing teeth
  • Anyone with broken or decayed teeth that may be beyond repair
  • Anyone uncomfortable with a previous tooth replacement such as dentures or a bridge

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants have many health and lifestyle benefits, including:

Oral health

Areas of the mouth with missing teeth can deteriorate due to a lack of stimulation. Dental implants combat this by helping stimulate bone growth and prevent bone loss. They also have no effect on nearby teeth, meaning all surrounding teeth are left completely intact, leading to a positive impact on your long-term oral health.

The appearance of your smile

Dental implants truly look and feel like your own, natural teeth – which is perhaps their greatest benefit. People won’t be able to tell the difference between your implants and your real teeth – and you won’t be able to see or feel the difference, either.


Implants become a part of your mouth and eliminate the discomfort inherent with removable dentures. There’s no need to remove implants or even think about them. They become a natural part of your mouth and allow you to live life comfortably and confidently.


Dental implants are specifically designed to fuse with your jawbone, meaning they are a permanent solution to missing teeth. With good care, they are capable of lasting a lifetime. Other less permanent methods need to be replaced more often, which also leads to increased spending on your part.

Improved facial features

Implants preserve your natural tooth tissue while also preserving bone and reducing deterioration. This restores your jawbone structure and reduces facial sagging and premature aging.

Easier eating

Because dental implants function as if they were your own natural teeth, they allow you to eat comfortably with zero pain or difficulty. The inconvenience of removable dentures or discomfort of bridges are no longer an issue.


If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time with missing teeth, you know it can be embarrassing to smile, laugh, or talk to people when you’re worried about them judging your appearance. Implants help you achieve a smile better than you’ve ever had and improve speech without ever worrying about how your mouth looks. This provides a great confidence boost in your everyday life.

Dental implants from Soft Dental

Whether or not you’ve experienced any issues from missing teeth, they pose a threat to your oral health and your happy lifestyle. Soft Dental offers dental implants backed by expert-level care to have you smiling comfortably and confidently for years to come. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and save yourself a future headache. We’ll send you on your way worry-free, looking and feeling great.

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